The following is a list of enemies one may encounter. Note that they are grouped according to ranger's favored enemies. There are no (nonmagical) beasts, fey, giants, half-elves, halflings or monstrous humanoids as non-summon enemies in the game.


Animals Edit

Constructs Edit



Humanoids Edit

Note that dwarves, elves, gnomes, goblinoids, half-orcs, humans, orcs, reptilians and shapechangers may be selected as a ranger's favored enemy.

Magical beastsEdit


  • Devourer
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • Karmanthi - The dog like creatures used in the cultist summoning ritual.
  • Dracolich - A dragon gone through a ritual which transforms it to a undead dragon, granting all the benefits and weaknesses of such a stat.


Undead Edit

Vermin Edit

  • Beetle: bombardier beetle, ice beetle, fire beetle
  • Spider: giant spider, sword spider

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