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At the meeting with the Princess in Westwood Ruined Tower, Vrigor proposes to the Princess a way to gain entrance into the Westwood Castle where her companions are held.

Though the Dhorn have prohibited prostitution, they have decided to allow local prostitutes to play 66 with Dhorn soldiers and other patrons in The Blue Swan. The players are required to strip and pay with a piece of his/her (but mostly her) clothing every time he or she loses. Vrigor proposes the Princess poses as a prostitute and plays with the Dhorn Commander, to force him to remove his mail.

After Princess aquieres Dhorn Commander's Mail she should bring it to Vrigor, who will try to pose as the Commander and enter the castle.


  • Since the Princess's interest is not to win, but to make the Commander lose, she should take care to not let anyone else lose. This can be done by "feeding" the third player - purposefully losing to him sometimes (for example by disbelieving obviously true claims) so he will not run out of chips.
  • As a general rule, after a few rounds it is better to disbelieve claims of "doubles" since the chances of such a high roll are low, while the chance that the player simply has no other option but to lie is high. This is also why it is better not to lie when actually getting double rolls after a few rounds.
  • If you don't feel like playing the game, you can just kill everybody in the Blue Swan and take the Mail that way.


See Chapter 1: Vrigor

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part Two.

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