Goblinoids are tribal humanoid races that speak the Goblin language and live by hunting and raiding.

Goblins are the smallest of the goblinoids, and likely it's rather due to their quantity than to their quality that they lend their name to all their ilk. They breed fast and make use of their sheer number when fighting. Goblins also make use of their small size in hiding, sneaking and surprising their enemy. Be wary of the goblin shamans, for they wield magic, and some of them are even literate.

Hobgoblins are larger and more aggressive than the minuscule goblins. More importantly, they are capable warriors and tacticians due to the emphasis their culture places on skills of war.

Bugbears are the largest and most aggressive of all goblinoids. Their name doesn't imply relation to bears but instead refers to their bear-like fur and claws. Regardless, they usually wield weapons when hunting for prey. Bugbears often live in small tribal units.

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