Herney's Silver Ring is one of the three rings that the Princess must collect during Lesson 5, a the task assigned to her by Yance Thennald. The ring's location is 23, Knight Street , 1st floor and it is in the possession of Herney Sannemen. In fact, the ring has been placed in his pocket without him having knowledge of it, by Timmy, Yance's apprentice. The ring can be obtained in various ways: by pick pocketing it, by talking to Herney, then followed by either bluffing or persuading. The princess can also choose to "do him a favor" in return for him freely giving up the ring. Last, it can be fought off him, if the Princess is a skilled enough fighter. 

After the completion of the task, the ring will return to Yance, in whose possession will remain.

Note: item016 is an older and slightly different version of the Herney's Silver Ring. It is now used as a blueprint for the current ring, the only difference being the name.

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