House Noqut'Tar is a Drow house in Underdark.

House Do'Vrinn, Third Floor

A battle rages in House Do'Vrinn

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Spoilers follow.

The Noqut'Tar name is first heard when the Princess fights for House Do'Vrinn in the Maeralssin Pit against House Noqu'Tar's champion, the reputable Black Knight. Following the duel, House Noqu'Tar attacks House Do'Vrinn, which provides an opportunity for the Princess to escape her captors. As she attempts find a way out, the Princess comes across Rizzen and Matron Do'Vrinn in the Chapel, under the spell of a Noqu'Tar priestess. When the spell is broken, the Matron quickly leaves to dispatch the remaining House Noqu'Tar warriors.

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