Jachan Krows is a cult member who has been arrested by the Dhorn and thrown into Moonville Castle's prison. He is extraordinarily handsome.

Spoiler: If the the Princess breaks Jachan out, he will give her a coin and invite her to the cult site located in the forest outside of Moonville.


  • Jachan shares his last name with Will Krows, who also lives in the area, near the Lake of Sorrow and is a person of questionable character. It is unclear if Jachan and Will are related.
  • Obviously (yet another) reference to A Song of Ice and Fire. Jachan's name is likely pronounced the same as Jaqen H'ghar. The two both have unnaturally red hair, though the latter's is one half red, one half white. They have a similar manner of speech as well, and have a tendency toward speaking in the third person. Lastly, both Jachan and Jaqen make a gift of a seemingly simple coin.

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