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If the Princess asks Jacia, the poison dealer of The Family, for a job, she tells her to deliver a "gift" to Captain Ters in The Swordfish (Betancuria South). A squeamish Princess may want to reconsider accepting the job were she to inquire the details of it, but if gruesome, symbolic threats do not bother her, this is a relatively simple way to earn a little coin.

The quest is received from Jacia Colds in the hideout (sewers) to whom the Princess will also report of having made the delivery.


  • Entering The Swordfish enables the quest Nice Company later received from Mando.
  • Jacia has more jobs for the Princess should she complete this one.
  • The bag contains the severed head of a kitten.


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Spoilers follow.

The Swordfish

The Swordfish

This is an optional quest during Part One.

In the hideout (sewers) ask Jacia for a job. She wants you to deliver a threatening "gift" to Captain Ters in the Swordfish. Get the bag from her, and then make your way to the harbor in Betancuria South during the evening hours when the Swordfish is open.

If you haven't been to the Swordfish before, you will be molested by some of the drunken sailors upon entering. With the help of a certain Dhorn, you make it out before things get out of control, but the Dhorn guards now stationed at The Swordfish will attack you on sight from now on.

The resolutionEdit

Sneak in. Captain Ters is in the small room in the back of the tavern. Give him Jacia's bag, and return to Jacia to claim your reward. (100 XP, 20 Gold, 5 points toward Evil.)

Continue Part One.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.

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