Princess Lyanna Stormborn is the name of a pre-generated character created by Valine and uploaded along with the module, although she's not required to download in order to play. She has balanced stats, and fulfills the module's restrictions, making her build a good choice for those new to the rogue-class and/or the module. She was never intended to be the "canon" main character of the module, although some players refer to the Player Character as "Lyanna".

Trivia Edit

  • Both the first name Lyanna and the last name Stormborn of the pre-generated princess are references to George R. R. Martin's book "A Game of Thrones" which Valine has claimed to be be one of the major inspirational sources for the module.
  • With permission from Valine, the character of Lyanna Stormborn has a brief, comedic cameo alongside Pia in Proleric's Enigma Island 3 - Twilight beta.


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