Moonville Castle is home to a number of Dhorn nobles and high ranking soldiers. The main level has a large library, the upper floor has a number of bedrooms and a small jail, the kitchens are found below the ground floor, and the cellars and laundry are found below the kitchens.


Moonville Castle pins
  1. Stairs down to the kitchens
  2. To the courtyard
  3. Starting point on the upper floor, window leads down to the courtyard
  4. The library
  5. Door leading to the Proconsul's room
  6. Dhorn nobles
  7. The Proconsul's room
  8. Guarded gate leading to the prison
  9. Portal room
  10. The prison and Jachan Krows
  11. Stairs down to the tunnels, leading to the military complex


See Chapter 4: Moonville Castle

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