Nathrae, also known as Tiff, is a Drow living in Underdark. She is first seen in Rugnar's Realm, wandering aimlessly and unresponsive, giving the impression that she has suffered severe trauma and is out of touch with reality. According to Rugnar, her mind has been damaged by a Mindflayer. He has taken her in out of pity, as both a companion and an assistant.

Spoiler: It's later revealed that Natharae's mindless state is a ruse. In fact, she is a disgraced member of House Pharn who has been cast out and forced to live with a Dwarf named Rugnar Hakenel, acting as a look-out for the House. Nathrae arranges the capture of the Princess and her party with the help of a mindflayer named Rual'thor, in an attempt to regain standing with the House. When the Matron of House Pharn learns of Rual'thor's involvement, she is chastised and once again forced back to her position with Rugnar. The second encounter with Nathrae is a hostile one.

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