Sziths is a red dragon living in the Black Mountains. He has been known to cause problems for the surrounding population, especially the Dwarves living in a city within the Abandoned Mine. The Princess meets him during the Dragon hunter quest.

Sziths' lair is an intricate network of floors/tunnels built into the mountain. While there is a secret access door to the lair, he most likely flies into his lair along a cliff edge. The upper levels of his lair are cavernous, while the lower levels are more nicely developed, one featuring a giant fire pit and even a fire blast device. Sziths' lair interconnects with the Abandoned Mine, through a secret passage in a cave at the base of the Black Mountains. He has a considerable amount of accumulated wealth, stored on the middle levels of the lair.

Spoiler: With a help of his Kobold lackey named Screek, Sziths manages to kidnap the Princess with the intention of turning her over to the Dhorn, who he is in collusion with.


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