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This optional quest is offered to the Princess by Jacia in Hideout. Jacia will ask the Princess to steal a key from a guy called Vald, who can be found in Betancuria Arena. The Princess will be asked not to engage Vald and flee should he notice Princess's attempts to pickpocket him. This quest is pretty straightforward task, and once it is completed, Jacia will offer the Princess Kill Vald quest.


  • During this quest the Princess receives significant alignment shifts: 5 chaotic points just upon entering the Arena after accepting the quest, and another 5 after bringing the key to Jacia.
  • If Vald notices the Princess's attempts to pickpocket him he will turn into hostile, but will become neutral again after awhile.


Betancuria West, Arena, Vald Davis

Vald Davis at the Arena

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Spoilers follow.

This quest is available once you have passed Lesson 5 and finished (or refused to take) the "Jacia's Messenger" quest.

Jacia wants you to get a key from Vald who can be found at the arena in the western part of the city. Go and visit the arena on one of the nights that it is open (1st, 4th and every 3rd night thereafter). Vald is watching the fights. Pick pocket his key and go back to Jacia to get your reward. (50 XP, 50 Gold, in addition to the +5 shift to Chaotic.)

Jacia will immediately have another quest available involving Vald.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.

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