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This optional quest is offered by an old man in Chapter 1, who can be encountered in Westwood near the Ruined Tower. He will tell the Princess that his daughter, who works as a waitress in an inn outside of Westwood, has been missing for many weeks. This quest is quite easy to figure out, but poses some fighting challenge.


  • The Princess will have to get to the bridge found to the west of Westwood's Farmland anyway for a main quest. Area transit there will take 6 hours, and will activate the cut scene about events happening in Betancuria alongside Princess's progress.
  • This quest is a good opportunity to earn whooping 10 good alignment points.
  • Princess's comments and conduct during this quest can affect Princess's chances with Bran for better or for worse. In general, Bran prefers goodhearted behavior.


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Spoilers follow.

To find Nela, you must go to the inn outside of Westwood, where she works as a waitress. The first floor is deserted, but if you unlock/trap the door to the upper floor, you'll encounter a whole band of hostile orcs, including two shamans and their chieftain. Deal with them and then open the door to the small room. You'll find the workers of the inn trapped there, including Nela. Allow her to go back to her father to complete the quest. You may also visit them in Westwood afterwards.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part Two.

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